Thursday 2nd of June 2020


Full Squad and full contact training is permitted.

Spectators allowed of groups of up to 10, with social distancing.

Complete Return-to-Play Protocols are here.

Drop Off and Pick up points

Team Managers and coaches will provide you with the training schedule for your team.

There will be different locations for Drop-off and Pickup, as illustrated in the maps for each ground.

Parents please "Drop off and Go" your children at training, spending as little time as possible in the area.

If necessary you can stay in your car during the training session.

Please be on time for drop-off and pickup so we can minimise the contact between different training groups.

Stradbroke Park

Greythorn Park

Clean up your boots, get your training gear out, try your socks on and get ready for season 2020!

Go Rovers!

Caz Lorenz



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