16th of March 2020


Kew Rovers COVID-19 Advice


The Kew Rovers Football Club is closely monitoring the situation with respect to COVID-19. We will update our policies and inform the community through this website, as appropriate.


Preseason Training and Season Dates


The Kew Rovers Football Club considers it appropriate, at this time, to maintain the cancellation of Preseason Training activities. This decision is supported by the YJFL and is consistent with the evolving policies of Federal and State Government (DET).


At this stage YJFL has neither cancelled or suspended the season; the season dates are unchanged at this time.


At times like this junior football is so important to our community. The YJFL and Kew Rovers believe it is crucial that competitions are run, in whatever form possible, if they can be done so in a manner that the YJFL and Kew Rovers Committee believes is safe and that follows the relevant guidelines.



COVID-19 Advice


Kew Rovers Committee are regularly referring to the Australian Government, Department of Education and Training, the YJFL and the AFL for the best advice for our football community. We will inform the Rovers community as the situation changes by updating this website.


These resources guide us on Kew Rovers Policy decisions for COVID-19:


Australian government: 



Department of Education:






YJFL Communications


Football Hygiene

The health and safety of participants, players, coaches and volunteers underpin our ability to participate in the matches and training that are so loved by our players, communities, volunteers and parents.


When we do re-start training or competition, we will limit any exposure to germs, in particular COVID-19, by following the advice of the AFL for all training sessions:


  • COVID-19 or not, communal use of water bottles should be avoided at all times. All players should be in possession of their own drink bottle, and should not share with any other players 

  • Do not share drinks, towels, lip balm, sunscreen with others (have own) 

  • Place hand sanitisers around the change room and encourage use of them

  • Ensure all player facilities are maintained and cleaned to a high standard with appropriate cleaning agents – consider more regular cleaning of facilities

  • Limit physical contact such as avoiding shaking hands, pre or post game 

  • Work with other community clubs that share Club facilities, if appropriate, to implement practices consistent with this communication  

  • Limit travelling party to matches/training/sessions where possible


Further to this, our coaches will be provided with guidance on how to adapt training programs to reduce the levels of person-to-person contact when training resumes.


Future Advice


Given COVID-19 remains a situation with the potential to change rapidly, the Kew Rovers Football Club will continue to work with relevant authorities and review our position on the advice of the DET, Australian Government, AFL or the YJFL.


We are a strong community and will work though any challenges that lie ahead together.

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