Club Vision Statement:

To be the club of choice for junior players and their families, which contributes to the wider community both on and off the field.

Club Mission Statement:

Our primary objective is the development of footballers and connecting families. We will provide a football programme that prepares young players both mentally and physically for senior football. This will include the provision of a safe and supportive community based environment which encourages skill and game plan development, fitness, fair play and teamwork.

Club Philosophy

The Kew Rovers Football Club is a not-for-profit sporting club that was established in 1971 to enable children from the local schools the opportunity to play football. The focus then and still is today, is to have fun and reap the benefit of participating in a team orientated family environment. Our philosophy is to encourage children to play sport irrespective of gender or ability. The club believes, particularly in the early years, in not formally grading players, but rather, allow them to play with their peers, improve their skills and just have fun. The use of protective helmets is not compulsory. Any player who chooses to wear a safety helmet will have the support of the club and subsidised in full.


Kew Rovers Football Club is affiliated with the Yarra Junior Football League in which teams from Under 9 (Tackers) – Colts (Under 17) play matches each Sunday and our newly formed All-girls Youth Team which plays each Saturday. The Club also hosts Vic Footy every Saturday. Team grading by the League commences in the Under 10 to Colts age groups. This is based on a number of factors including the Club’s submission, the team’s previous years performance and their performance in the first 4 rounds. 

There are four divisions in each age group and the teams who play off in the Grand Final are automatically graded into a higher division the following season. Teams that finish in the bottom two positions are usually placed in a lower division. It is the Club’s aim for each player’s personal enjoyment and development to be playing in a Club “graded” team commensurate with their ability at the Under 13 age group and above. Where two teams are playing in the same age group, the relegation and promotion process is the primary method used for grading and will give an overall balance to the teams. This may in fact be a two year process. In these circumstances the Club encourages the teams to train together where practical to ensure the “Sense Of Club” is maintained and friendships are further strengthened. 

The primary focus of the Kew Rovers Football Club is to provide every child with the opportunity of playing club football in a healthy and safe environment, have fun and enjoy friendships. For more details regarding Yarra Junior Football League's grading guidelines visit their web site.

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